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Special Table Inserts

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Figure 2-11. Special table inserts can be made of 1/4" hardboard: (A) Model 510 and (B) Model 500. Use a standard insert as a pattern for the shape and hole locations.

There are times when you can substitute a special insert for standard equipment. The purpose of a special insert is to minimize the clearance around a cutting tool. A special insert is necessary, for example, when cutting pieces of wood so thin that the saw blade pulls them down beneath the table.


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Figure 2-12. Special inserts install into the table just like standard ones.

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Figure 2-13. To make the slot in the insert, slowly lower the table as the machine is running. Note: The saw guard is removed for clarity.

Special inserts, like those shown in Figure 2-11, are easily made from 1/4" hardboard by using a standard insert as a pattern for shape and hole location. Once the special insert is made, raise the table to its highest position and install the insert (Figure 2-12). To cut the slot in the insert, turn on the machine, set the speed dial to the proper speed, and very slowly lower the table over the blade (Figure 2-13). Each time you use the insert you must align the slot exactly with the blade.

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