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Setup and Features

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Figure 2-2. The accessories that are used for table sawing operations are the (A) worktable, (B) extension table, (C) rip fence, (0) upper saw guard, (E) lower saw guard, (F) miter gauge, and (G) saw blade. The Model 510 with the extension table system is shown.

Use the accessories shown in Figure 2-2 for sawing operations. To set up your Mark V in the table saw mode, follow the instructions in the Owners Manual that came with your machine.

As you work in the sawing mode, you'll find that the Mark V is an extremely capable table saw with several special features:

  • In the sawing mode, the Mark V has 3-1/4" depth of cut at "0." With the table tilted at 45°, the maximum depth of cut is 2-3/8".
  • The table tilts up to 45° right, and the miter gauge can be angled a full 60° in either direction (from 90° to 30° right or left). Both the table and the miter gauge have auto-stops to help you adjust the tilt or the angle quickly to "0", 45°, or 90°.
  • The miter gauge has a safety grip to give you better control over the workpiece.
  • The speed is variable, enabling you to get a better cut in many different types of wood, us-ing a variety of blades.
  • When properly aligned, the rip fence automatically squares itself with the main spindle-parallel to the saw blade.
  • The extension table can be mounted in either the base mount or the power mount to give you extra support where you need it.
  • The quill feed can be used to make fine adjustments in the position of the saw blade--making it easier to be accurate.
  • The dust chute on the lower saw guard can be connected to a dust collection system to help you collect sawdust and wood chips.

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